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Rudich Advisory

About This Project

Brand Program

Denisse Rudich is a well-known Financial Crime Prevention specialist with extensive knowledge of and experience in anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, sanctions, bribery and corruption, modern slavery, and tax evasion. She advises governments and companies around the globe and is frequently seen at the G7. Looking to expand, she wanted to craft a brand that got to the core of what motivates her, making a difference in the world by safeguarding financial integrity. She was also looking to provide an online resource cataloging her many contributions. Rudich Advisory was born, offering tailor-made services in financial crime prevention to safeguard the integrity of the global financial system. The brand for this startup, points the way to the future with a protective umbrella motive, that is balanced, reliable, modern and aspirational, and alludes to the complex multi-faceted nature of the business, yet in a calm simple and assured presentation. The new brand has enabled her to broaden her reach, and expand her speaking engagements, and stake her place as a world-leading expert.


Branding, Case Study, Identity, Interactive