Elevator Design | ELEMENTARYb
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About This Project

Brand Program

ELEMENTARYb is a financial services and banking start up that strives to offer the most customer-focused, integrated financial platform, empowering business ingenuity and resilience through innovation beyond banking. They apply intelligent data across an MME’s financial ecosystem in a single comprehensive view. By building a unique company profile beyond banking, Eb is able to tailor insights, services and products to bring meaningful added value. A comprehensive resilient brand strategy was developed from early infancy including naming, through the brand journey from investment vehicle, building the initial SaaS business, to becoming a Bank. The brand was created to evoke being rudimentary, indispensable, effortless with an optimistic and confident feel. With implication they are the natural order of banking, providing an effortless client experience. And with an understated wink to patriotism through British literature association. The identity brings in a ‘to the power of’ narrative, connecting the future Bank brand name to the power of ‘b’ (banking), with the shortened ‘Eb’ icon carrying the transition from SaaS to Bank. The brand is purposely not presented as a traditional bank, and the fluid feel of the Eb mark and the dynamic lines throughout the brand presentation allude to what is to come, the future of MME business banking #itselementary

Branding, Case Study, Identity, Interactive