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Elevator is a boutique design firm that specializes in brand identity. We help your organization to convey the promise of your offering, by identifying and then speaking to your prospective customers, in their visual language.


The business world can seem like a complicated place, and part of what makes our approach so effective is that we help you cut through the clutter with a simplified strategy that gets to the heart of where your brand needs to go. We then implement bespoke creative solutions to get you there.


The Elevator Team is made up of a small and nimble group of design professionals across creative disciplines. This gives us the edge over many of the larger agencies, as we can provide a full-product offering while ensuring an authentic bespoke service. And as our client, you will always deal with a Principle. We cut out the management middleman. Which means you will always talk to people that have extensive design and branding experience, you will always talk to the design thinkers.


The Team at Elevator is headed up by Damian Salter and Siying Wei. They have worked together now for many years and bring their different experiences and complimentary talents to the fore, providing vision and direction, helping you and your organization realize the potential of your brand promise.


Damian Salter

Creative Director
Damian Salter – Creative Director

From Toronto and New York to London, over the last twenty years Damian has been advising Fashion, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Publishing, Professional Sport, Museum, Furniture, Social Management, Municipal Government, Engineering, Retail, Political Action, and Non-Profit organizations, providing comprehensive branding programs and visual identities. Having had the privilege to live in Europe, Africa, Australasia and North America, he quickly had to notice, learn and adapt to cultural norms and practices. Drawing on these varied experiences has helped him keep a nimble understanding when getting to the core of a creative challenge, in turn ensuring organizations reach their audiences through identity, branding and visual communication in a way that embodies their authenticity.

“Once we have helped our clients through the challenge of framing their question, the rewarding part is to see their enthusiasm and excitement as the visual answers get realized.”

Siying Wei

Intractive Director
Siying Wei – Interactive Director

Over the last decade, Siying has been advising finance, fashion, cosmetics, furniture, municipal government, political action, and retail organizations, providing broad interactive design and marketing solutions, including motion graphics and 3D rendering. With Siying’s move to Canada, the cultural differences changed her perspective about life and design, and the challenges helped her realize the importance of visual communication, and she understood that brilliant design, marketing, and packaging often transcends language. She was awakened by the influence of effective intuitive design and has put this intuition to great effect across many branding programs.

“ Helping our clients create a brand that people from different places, with different experiences can all understand and relate to is such an exciting prospect.”


You have decided to take the BANDING plunge. You work hard at your endeavours, and you want a brand that will work equally as hard. You want a brand that is a standard bearer for your values and maximizes the potential of your organization. Here are some of the services that you will want to consider as you embark on YOUR branding journey.


We take the guesswork out of branding, by conducting a detailed research of YOUR industry, piers, leaders, and laggers.


Our inquisitive minds ask the delving questions, to frame the process and set a concrete foundation, from which to direct YOUR project with pinpoint precision.


We will help you develop a brand name that reflects YOUR organization to the core, and stands alone within your industry.


We bring light and focus to YOUR brand’s big picture, establishing authenticity and consistency across platforms.


We specialize in simple timeless identity design that tells your brand story in the blink of an eye and is instantly recognizable.


In just a few efficient words, we create straplines that capture the essence and purpose of YOUR brand and endure.


From simple microsites to involved e-commerce enterprises, we have YOUR organization covered with the latest, responsive and mobile options, that will make your brand eminently accessible.


With a depth of print knowledge, from small collateral to Annual Reports and CSR books, we craft printed pieces that capture the prestige of YOUR organization.


Whether repackaging a current product or launching a new one, we provide creative ideas that jump off the shelf, consider CSR obligations and budget constraints.


Setting the right consistent tone on social media is imperative, and we help you project YOUR authentic brand, establishing a loyal following.


Capture your brand in a snap or create imagery that sells your product, we help you ensure that YOUR imagery is in lock step with your brand.


Need help visualizing your new product or packaging, our 3D imaging will bring YOUR concepts to life with visual virtual mockups.