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Toronto Cannot Afford

About This Project


Toronto Cannot Afford is an independent political action group with a mandate to provide information on the political record of Toronto Mayoral candidate Rob Ford.



Provide information and resource,  and stir a grass routes following to counter the emergence of Rob Ford as Mayor. With the political class not taking his popularism seriously, treating his candidacy as a joke even as the writing was on the wall as he was crushing his two main opponents, the group formed to counter his emergence.



A no-nonsense brand backed up by a hard-hitting social and postering campaign focusing on the dubious words and actions punctuating his career as a councilor.



One week into the launch the site had 20,000 views, was featured nationally (including Quebec) in the press, and after two weeks the polls saw a shift of 10% away from Ford, whom ultimately was elected. During his tenure, the social following for the group grew further as his conduct was documented, and proved to be influential in stopping his brother Doug from winning the seat in the following election.


Toronto Cannot Afford - Toronto, Canada

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