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About This Project


Snackfou is a health food manufacturer specializing in all natural healthy snacks and a mandate to provide children with healthy but especially tasty snack options. The company product stands apart from the rest of the health food segment, refusing to compromise on quality natural content and their environmental legacy, and through their ingenious process have the tastiest dried goods on the market.



As a startup Snackfou had considerable fiscal considerations from the outset and were looking to get the most impact from a relatively modest investment. The brand needed to stand out in an increasingly crowded segment while embracing budget conscious packaging that could be easily scaled, and championing their ethical and sustainable mandate.



The brand was developed to make healthy eating fun and emphasize the fresh mouth-watering goodness that they pack into every bite. An optimistic, juicy and playful feel with a touch of ‘crazy’, was the way forward for this vibrant brand.



The new brand and packaging proved to be incredibly successful in the local market and has positioned the organization well to take advantage of potential moving into the national market and beyond.


Snackfou - Montreal, Canada

Branding, Case Study, Identity, Interactive, Print