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Branded by Sochi

About This Project


Branded by Sochi is a political action group that was set up to bring attention to the systemic state-sanctioned human rights abuse, suffered by the Russian LGBT community, in the lead up to the Sochi Games.



Was to bring information to the fore through social media and an online resource, to bring pressure to bear. There seemed to be little interest in the plight of the LGBT community in Russia, and with the glamour of hosting, there was little political accountability or corporate social responsibility with regard to human rights.



The brand was developed to be indelibly connected to the games, with a hard-hitting social campaign with no-nonsense graphics, images and messaging connecting the IOC and sponsors to the abuse.



It made its voice heard around the world and in collaboration with a number of like-minded organizations, progress was made, and while the games went ahead, many of the sponsors changed their sponsorship criteria and in less than a year after the games, the IOC changed its charter to include the protection of LGBT persons.


Branded By Sochi

Branding, Case Study, Identity, Interactive, Print